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  If you have come this far why not come a little further? The pride of owning a beautiful German Shepherd can be yours. Let us help you understand what sets us apart from the others. At Vom Lauterbach German Shepherds, you will see why our adults and puppies are so well received in the past 30 plus years of raising only one breed of dog. 
  It is no wonder this breed of dog has been ranked in the top five of all AKC registered breeds the past few years. But there is a huge difference between Germany imported working-show class lines compared to non import generation upon generation of American bred Shepherds.
   If you are new to this breed we hope to show you the true beauty and functionality of the real reason Max von Stephanitz had a vision for. And that was a true working dog with impressive intelligence, speed, keen sense of smell, strength and loyalty. The inherited instincts to track for food, be agile and strong enough to hunt and capture food, and the inner strength to protect yet work and be under control of their owner or handler at all times is what gives Import line German Shepherds of today the popularity they deserve.
  Perfectly erect ears shows they are alert and ready for work at all times. Their keen intuition with their caregiver is second to none when it comes to companionship and loyalty, ready to serve at the command. Slender medium sized structure allows an adult German Shepherd to effortlessly run and work and perform simple tasks endlessly.
  Owning a German Shepherd starting with a fully grown adult, or an 8 week old puppy gives you a sense of silent pride. From Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, Service dogs, Bomb and Narcotics detection, to Cadaver dogs there is no other single breed of dog that has adapted to so many beneficial human needs.
  Simply put if you want to own the best you have came to the right place. Do not let other breeders-importers scare you away because of inflated unbelievable high prices. Being informed will give you the tools you need to make an informed decision.
  You have came this far. Now it's time to ask the questions and get correct answers. We want to help put a loving, beautiful black and red German Shepherd into your home. From direct Imported West German young adults to our own domestic bred Import line pups and an occasional World Class litter, we can afford-ably offer you the best of the best! Send us an e-mail or call us with any  questions you may have.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."
~Josh Billings
Lauterbach German Shepherds
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Phone: 815-867-0216 Website: www.vomlauterbach.com
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