VomLauterbach German Shepherds


Dear Randy:
    Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since Thor was born and a little over 10 months since I brought him home. I told you how since I was a kid I always wanted a dog but couldn’t. And not just any dog, I always wanted a German Shepherd! Your dog has exceeded my expectations. I can’t imagine my life without him! He has stolen my heart! (And that of several other people!)  Right now he’s 70 lbs and doesn’t have a clue how big he is! He’s just a gigantic love machine. He follows me everywhere I go (yes, even the bathroom!) He will even stop eating his food if I leave the kitchen. A couple of days ago I let him hop into bed with me in the morning as I slept in, he quickly snuggled alongside of me, put his head on my pillow and put his paw over me and fell asleep. It was the greatest thing in the world.
When I started talking with you last year about my interest in getting a dog, you were wonderful and answered all my questions and let me stop by whenever I could to visit the parents and the litter. Even when I was a little overwhelmed at being a new dog owner (for the first time) you calmly reassured me and stood by me all the way.
    Being the pastor of a large church, it was essential I had a dog that was sound in temperament and in health. If anyone asks if your dog is good with kids, use this story…I have a school with over 340 kids in it. When Thor was only 6 months old, I brought him out to playground when the kids were at recess. At once, almost 30 kids stopped and ran over to see the new puppy. He was surrounded. Thor just sat down and let over 60 hands pet, stroke, and play with him. Not once did he show any fear and he was so gentle with the kids. He loved the attention. 
    At 8 weeks old when I first brought him, I took him over to the schools Spring Fundraiser that had loud music, lots of people, noise. He had no problems. He just laid down at my feet and let people come up to him and pet him. He also is with me when I meet my parishioners after masses on Sundays, and he sits by me and lets them pet him. More people talk to him than they do to me! And let me tell you the compliments I get about his color, and his good looks. Anywhere I go, I have to factor in an additional 20 minutes of talking time if he is with me everyone is just in awe of how handsome and sweet he is.
    He is very smart too! At 12 weeks, he got his AKC STAR Puppy award for learning all his basic commands. Right now, I have him in agility classes as well as slowly training him to get ready for his Good Canine Citizen with hopes of getting him to be a Therapy Dog so he could come with me to visit patients in the hospital. Last week, I brought him into the church with me as I took care of a few things, and he immediately went up to each and every person who was sititing there and let them pet him. He is an absolute attention hound!
    Even when he went through the teething phase, he didn’t destroy things in the house. Only a couple of things were gnawed on and that was my fault because I didn’t keep an eye on him. Unfortunately, his favorite chew toy was me!  Took a bit to get him to stop doing that!
    I want to thank you for bringing Thor into my life! He’s added so much. And he takes the sting out of being alone. Plus, I sleep a lot sounder knowing that if anything happens, he’ll let me know. In closing, I think back to the day when I had to choose between two of the male pups. People often say that you don’t choose the dog—the dog chooses you. In this case, that is totally true. Thor picked me…and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for breeding such outstanding German Shepherds who live up to standard that a GSD should be—loyal, loving, intelligent, and protective. Thor is all that---and more. Enjoy the pics!

Talk to you soon,
Fr. Dennis Paul
Holy Family Church
Shorewood, Illinois

    Two years ago we started looking to get a new German Shepherd, we looked at a couple of websites, that's when we found Vomlauterbach German shepherds. We talked to Randy and decided to take a ride. That's when we picked up Dakota. About a couple of months later, we figured Dakota could use a playmate. That's when we went back to Vomlauterbach and picked out Bandit. Turned out that both of our kids have the same father - Yukon.

    We have been blessed with two very special shepherds. Our little girl Bandit recently helped save my husband's life. Somehow she sensed he was in trouble and got my husband to wake up, when he checked his blood sugar it was very low.

    Bandit and Dakota recently acted together when my husband sugar went to the other extreme and was close to 500 which is very high. When we get ready for another shepherd you can be guaranteed that we will go back to see Randy again.

The Hillyers
Midlothiam, IL

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