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Yukon vom Trompetersprung
Type: IMPORT pink papered
DOB: February 3, 2002
Titles: SchH3 Kkl 1
Hip: SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)
Show: SG-55 BSZS V-18 NASS
Father: 2X's VA-1 Larus von Batu Sch3 Kkl1
Mother: Mara vom Trompetersprung Sch2 Kkl1 V
INFO: Yukon is now standing as stud in our Kennel. Everyone who has seen Yukon first hand, comments on his great red pigment, as well as his personality. Yukon is fully titled, posessing both a Sch3, and an IPO3 wotking title and is sired by 2X's VA-1 Larus von Batu. If you want to breed to a very correct, deep red male, please contact us here. Yukon has a very impressive show record as well with a BSZS SG-55 and a NASS V-18 Show rating.

Yana vom Hauswalder Bach (Linzi)
Type: IMPORT pink papered
DOB: October 12, 2003
Hip: OFA: Good
Father: Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss 
VA-1 NASS Sch3, Kkl1a
Mother: Jessi vom Hauswalder Bach 
SchH2/Kkl1 (V)
INFO: Yana is a excellent black and red female. Super temprement, high drives and very feminine along with being very strong willed with a desire to please. Yana is a daughter of the NASS VA-1 Sieger Show Ranked sire, Urban Gleisenauer Schloss. If your wanting to see what the definition of red is in this breed, Yana should be witnessed first hand. 

Hennie in Regnum Marianum
DOB: May 28, 2007
Father: VA-3 Dux De Ciatro Flores Sch3 Kkl1
Mother: V-1 Amie vom Haus Ka-Re IPO1
INFO: Hennie came to our kennel from Hungary. The disposition and temperament of her puppies is unsurpassed. She is a beautiful marked female with great structure. Hennie is a fantastic mother when she has a litter of puppies which in itself is a plus here.

Fila von Schonen Wippertal
Type: IMPORT pink papered
DOB: September 7, 2005
Hip:Pre-lim "a" normal
Show: SG-18 NASS
Father: 2-X's VA-1 Larus von Batu Sch3 Kkl1
Mother: Raisa aus der Brunnenstrasse Sch1 Kkl1 V
INFO: We would like you to meet our newest female Fila. Fila is a very, very rare and priceless addition to our kennel for several reasons. The most important one is that Fila, is from one of the very, very last breedings in Germany from the twice BSZS VA-1  Larus von Batu. Her second rarity is her intense deep red pigment, just as her sire Larus has. Many of Larus's offspring do not carry the intense red pigmentation that Larus himself does possess. There is a big noticeable difference between a black and red, black and tan, or black and brown and once you witness Fila's deep red pigment you will then understand what the color "Red" is when associated with Working-Show class lines.

Kira von Team Fiemereck
Type: IMPORT pink papered
DOB: February 25, 2005
Father: VA-4 Orbit Hühnegrab Sch3 Kkl1
Mother: Quince von Batu Sch1 Kkl1 V
INFO: Kira has a deep, black saddle, inherited from her sire, VA-4 Orbit Huhnegrab. Kira has excellent size, with a super desire to please. If your a fan of darker colored German Shepherds, offspring from Kira will interest you. 

Akira Amira von Carr
Type: Import sired
DOB: February 3 2007
Father: Mexx vom Hauswalder Bach BSZS V 57 Sch3 KKl1 
Mother: Hochsmanns Kessi Sch1 KKl1 V

INFO : Amira is a very smart,obedient and loving female. She has a very dark mask and excellent structure. We imported Amira's dam Kessi to the U.S.A. as a pregnant female and Amira was the female first litter pick out of the 10 puppies born in that litter. We are very fortunate to be offered the chance to bring Amira into our kennel as is the buyers of her puppies. 

Rico vom Hauswalder Bach- NEW EDITION! 
Picture coming soon! 
DOB: July 29, 2012
Father: Omen vom Radhaus BSZS VA-12 Sch3 KKl1a
Mother: Zaira aus der Brunnenstrabe V Sch1 KKl1a
INFO: Rico is going to be our new and upcoming stud male.  He has bloodlines that are new to this kennel.  Rico has a dark face, excellent structure, and a great temperament.  He is fitting in quite well with the family.  

Karleigh vom Lauterbach- NEW EDITION!
DOB: January 26, 2012

Father: Yukon vom Trompetersprung BSZS SG-55 V-18 NASS Sch3 KKl1
Mother: Fila von Schonen Wippertal SG-18 NASS
INFO: Karleigh is our newest edition.  She has a great temperament, yet she has some attitude.  She is very energetic, and loves attention.  Karleigh is the first puppy from our kennel that we are keeping.  Fila's puppies are too pretty to pass up on, so we kept Karleigh from this current litter.  As dark as her mom Fila, and her dad Yukon are, Karleigh is sure to be just as beautiful. 

"If you want loyalty get a dog. If you want loyalty and attention, get a smart dog."
~Grant Fairley
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