VomLauterbach German Shepherds

Our Gallery

Linzi and Jessica all dressed up.
Linzi's female- Joclyn.
Christmas puppies anyone?
Yukon relaxing on the bed in the camper, long day.
Yukon all pretty in the front yard.
Linzi playing with her daughter in the front yard on a nice day.
Joclyn all grown up.
Yukon camping.
At the vets office.
Ginger stealing the spotlight.
Linzi going for a ride with Jessica to get ice cream.
Partners in crime, on the couch which they aren't suppose to be. Oh Linzi and Milo!
Brother and sister. Fila and Yukons progeny. How pretty!
Linzi all brushed, feeling like a new dog!
Jolly playing in the snow.
How precious!
Jessica and Logan.
FIla at the NASS.

"In the beginning, God made man, but seeing him so feeble, he gave him the dog."


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