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  Since I was 18 years of age I have owned purebred German Shepherds. Starting with a grand-daughter of the great VA Marko vom Cellerland my interest was sparked and I knew as so many others learn or already know that this was the only breed of dog for us. Since that time many life changes has occurred including a family. But our love for this exceptionally intelligent, noble looking breed has never changed. They are as much family members to us as human relatives.
  We live in Illinois which is the center of the Midwest. Centrally located south of Chicago, northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana, and northeast of St Louis, Missouri. We understood the need for great looking, functional, yet reasonably priced German Shepherd puppies. Because of overwhelming demand at the time for the puppies we did raise we thought it was a wise decision to expand and start with some excellent West Germany Working-Show class lines adults from World Class show rated parents.
  Since we live in a rural farming community our property size afforded us the ability to build a dog kennel, each with a large dog run for outside exercise. We then began seeking out specific genetic lines of adult dogs as well as importing puppies. Our overall goal has never changed and we know from over 30 years of breeding and experience, that we are raising and importing very affordable and predictable German Shepherd dogs that are in such high demand today.
  We are amazed today at how commercialized and highly profitable some breeders place a value on what they try to sell you. You will see the terms Direct Imports, V and VA show ratings, and over emphasis on show winnings to justify the outrageous selling prices they ask.
  Our Importing-Exporting has spanned the globe from countries such as South Vietnam to Saudi Arabia and Canada. Here within the United States we have sold our own puppies and directly imported VA sired pink papered puppies to over 25 states ranging from California to Florida, and Texas to Minnesota. Many of these customers we have never met, yet they trust us enough to locate, evaluate and help them choose either an adult German Shepherd with or without working titles to eight week old direct German Import puppies. We will have several testimonials forthcoming and added as times moves forward providing you with positive proof that you, the customer is always our top priority.
  We offer a 3 year written health-genetic guarantee including hips and elbows further assuring you we are confident in this breed of dog. We openly want you to compare our prices against others then ask yourself how come other breeders and importers charge so much? An informed consumer is the best customer and when you seek our services for adult German Shepherds or Imported-domestic bred puppies you will easily see a big difference that will leave more cash in your pocket.
  Our dogs are part of our everyday life. Even though we have an outside kennel each adult comes in our home several times each year and all females have their puppies inside our home. We do all the work ourselves. We have several females within the five to six year age range that have only had three or four litters. Our dogs health and overall welfare comes first to us above anything else. Once the female is retired, we spay them and they continue their life here with us. Big breeders often retire dogs that are no longer profitable to them by selling them to families or individuals. You will see on our Memorials page that once we buy a German Shepherd he or she lives it's entire life with us with only one exception which was an over-sized male we named Logan (Mecko) that had a very purposeful life with his new owner.
   We do not have a show ribbon chasing mentality here. These expenses are directly passed on to you the buyer which to us is unnecessary. Most of our adult German Shepherds already have a show rating from Germany which to us is much more meaningful. All dogs owned by our kennel are either from direct importation, or were sired by a direct German import with either a V or VA show rating.
  The choices you have are many when it comes to choosing the correct dog for your particular lifestyle. Some people or families want a young adult dog for a very specific purpose. Of course others want to start with a puppy and enjoy watching he or she grow and mature. The rewards are so great when the proper foundation is laid in the beginning.
 We offer adult German Shepherds for sale direct from Germany with each dog being unique. Some have show ratings, some do not for many possible reasons. But just because an adult does not meet a written standard does not mean it cannot become a perfect companion or sport dog. We are adding new females to our kennel so we can offer more puppies to wanting families or individuals looking for more affordable avenues to own the dog of their dreams.
 We occasionally offer direct Germany born Pink Papered import puppies for sale. Our association with some of the top breeders and kennels within Germany and surrounding countries gives us great opportunities to top show-line genetics.
  Our home and phone is always open for talking about this breed of dog. No one is an "expert" but with over 30 years experience in raising only one breed of dog we are very knowledgeable at helping you even if you don't own a dog or plan to buy a dog from us. We raise the best breed of dog there is and we put emphasis on predictable genetics from proven bloodlines. Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have. We are always here.

-Randy Lauterbach
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